A Quality, State-Run Education

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State owned primary and secondary schools in Scotland are idolatrous indoctrination academies, not institutions of fine education. Yes, I know that makes me sound all fundy. But if it is true, then the problem does not lie with me.

For a time, I had the privilege of participating in a weekly Bible study at a local secondary school. The Bible study club was sponsored by the Religious Education teacher, Ms. M, contra-reason a lover of Hume. Her back wall bulletin board was covered with small posters made by her students, each representing a different religion, each quoting that religion’s version of the “Golden Rule”, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. The point that the religious “education” students are meant to take away from this is twofold: 1. All religions are basically the same; just be nice to people, show respect, #tolerance. 2. No one religion has exclusive claim to some idea of objective truth.

Kids, who aren’t actually trained in critical thinking anymore, color some paper and write down similar words, and a beautiful teacher tells them, “Obviously this proves that all religions basically teach the same thing. Now let’s all hold hands.” Student eyes glaze in nodding noggins.

This is an example of how our foundational truth claims drive our conclusions when interpreting facts. If I come to information insisting on denying God his due, I can dance into any number of conclusions. “Look, see, I told you so! There is no ‘God’. All religions are the same, merely nice ways to order chaotic lives.” Pressed just a little, nobody actually knows this to be true. Rather, folks simply like how it feels on the tongue.

In contrast, the Christian looks at anything with the understanding that all knowledge comes as a gift from God, Creator and Sustainer of heaven and earth. “Oh, do a bunch of made up religions think the Golden Rule is good? No surprise there. The Bible says that God has put into the heart of every man a knowledge of his duty to do good, and not evil, to his fellow man.”

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