Ames on Desertion

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William Ames on desertion and divorce:

“–An obstinate desertion, although in the party deserting, it containeth no just cause of making a divorce, yet it makes a fair cause for the party deserted after the trial of all other means in vain, to suffer a divorce, I Corinthians 7:15.

–A voluntary and spontaneous absence, if it bee beyond the time appointed and continued by deceit, is of the same nature, with a professed desertion.

–The great danger, which one party may be in by the cruelty of the other or by any other manifest means of cohabitation [sive aliunde manifesto emineat ex cohabitatione], may be just cause of retiring for a time, so to provide for his own safety and security, but not for an absolute desertion, unless first hee bee deserted. For if one party drive away the other with great fierceness and cruelty, there is cause of desertion, and hee is to bee reputed the deserter. But if hee obstinately neglect, that necessary departure of the other avoiding the eminent danger, he himself in that playeth the deserter.”

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