Apographic Theopneustos

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Our argument runs as follows: every holy Scripture which existed at the time of Paul was theopneustos (2 Tim. 3:16) and authentic. Not the autographic (for they had perished long before), but the apographic
writings existed at the time of Paul. Therefore the apographic Scripture also is theopneustos and authentic …. For although inspiration and divine
authority inhered originally in the autographa, these attributes belong to the apographa by virtue of their derivation (radicaliter), since they were faithfully transcribed from them so that not only the sense but also the words were precisely the same (Preus:48).

Not only the Canonical books of the sacred volume themselves, but even the letters, points, and words of the original text survive without any corruption, that is, the Hebrew text of the Old Testament… and also the Greek text of the New Testament… have been preserved by the divine providence complete and uncorrupted (Piepkorn 1965:589).

We believe, as is our duty, that the providential care of God has always
watched over the original and primitive texts of the canonical Scriptures in such a way that we can be certain that the sacred codices which we now
have in our hands are those which existed at the time of Jerome and
Augustine, nay at the time of Christ Himself and his apostles (Preus:48).

D. Quenstedt (1617-1688)

Not a jot or tittle, until heaven and earth.


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