Babies, Babies Everywhere

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The children of Israel were welcomed with open arms into Egypt. But, as you likely know, their welcome did not last. Eventually, the Egyptians recognized the children of Israel to be a real threat, a threat that could turn upside down all the pagan powers in the land. What about the Israelites brought the Egyptians to this realization? Israel was from another land, another bloodline, with a different God. And, yet, for so long, Egypt had found Israel’s presence tolerable. What set off the alarms? 

Exodus 1:7 “And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them.”

Israelite fruitfulness was the threat to Egyptian pagan power. God blessed his people with fruitful marriages. Their numbers increased abundantly. They multiplied and waxed exceeding mighty. And the land was filled with them. 

And Egypt recognized that this meant Israel would take dominion in the land. Egypt knew that the result of God blessing his people with fruitfulness would be pagan Egypt’s eventual downfall.

What happens next? Pharaoh isn’t so foolish as to think he’d be able to convince the children of Israel that, somehow, multiplicative fruitfulness was not good for them. He didn’t waste his time barking up that tree, telling Israelite mothers that, actually, they’d be more blessed with fewer children. Instead, he enslaves them and uses health care professionals to abort the male children.

Because God is mighty in battle, Pharaoh’s tyrannical insistence that God’s people be like the Saraha would not have his desired effect. Pharaoh’s rebellious rule still ended in his ruin, the destiny of all despots. God is simply bigger and better. That said, Pharaoh was correct to see the real threat that Israel’s fruitfulness presented to his enduring rule. Their fruitfulness was, in fact, their road to dominion in the land. Such is the design of God.

American Christians would do well to meditate more on Exodus 1:7. Yes, there is a real sense in which the rulers of the land have enslaved the populace and paid medical professionals to abort the sons, even of Christians. Yet, astounding in the context of Christian history, the pagan powers that be have done what was inconceivable to Pharaoh and Osiris. Christians have been duped, under the willing leadership of watchful shepherds, into thinking that having fewer children is the path of wisdom unto greater blessing. Christians, not just secularists, intentionally make barren what would be their pride and joy, fruitful wombs. Christians, at a time when the enemies of God walk boldly in the land while eschewing and killing children, sterilize their marriage beds, lest they become inconvenienced in actually having to own the responsibility of subduing the States unto the righteous rule of Christ.

Let us repent. Let us remember Exodus 1:7. Christians, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue unto the righteous rule of the Lord Jesus. Take wives. Make many babies. Raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

And watch Pharaoh tremble.

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