Battle Is What We Are Here For

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I met another one of my brothers today. He is protecting you and your family by working as a Navy SEAL. I’m grateful for my brother.

Because my brothers are generous men, he lent me some books to read while on vacation.

Here is an excerpt he bracketed in the book:

“You will hear it said that I fight to live in peace. Nonsense. I fight so that our women and children can live in peace. You will always find me where there is battle.

Battle is what we are here for. It is all we should know as men while we have breath. Give the enemy battle all of your life, and when you die, chase him into the afterlife and give him battle there. Perhaps then the Lord will give us peace. But don’t expect it.

I will go to my grave with honor. It will be written that my woman loved me, my children admired me, and the enemy feared me.”

Shadow of the Mountain, Cliff Graham, pg. 23

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