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Only this week did I learn of the existence of Jason Farley, through this CrossPolitic episode, which focused on masculine poetry.

Jason Farley is a pastor who loves Anglo-Saxon poetry. He looks like an Anglo-Saxon poet and hosts a podcast on the CrossPolitic network called, “The Westminster Confession of Funk”. I just bought his book of poems entitled, “Twenty Wild Decembers”—you may soon be seeing quotes from it.

Farley helped me think about two ideas during the above, linked-to episode.

The first is directly related to masculine and feminine poetry. It is a safe contention that many American churches—of the evangelical ilk—are clueless when it comes to masculine poetry. Why?

Here’s my thought: Maybe the reason evangelicals have lost good, masculine poetry is that, in church, we’ve replaced the poet-warrior Psalms with songs written by women (and songs that sound like they’ve been written by women). Goodbye King David. Hello Fanny Crosby and Chris Tomlin.

The second idea is historically hoppy. Farley introduced me to beership. Beership is what you think it is. Beer fellowship. Beership. It was an Anglo-Saxon practice in which men would get together, drink lots of beer, and sing songs and read poems and tell stories. While Southern Baptists like Danny Akin ignore the clear teaching of Scripture on alcohol (the Bible is soused in red wine), the Anglo-Saxons and Pastor Farley are a breath of beery air.

Beership is the meeting space God used to evangelize Anglo-Saxons. Recognizing that God has made beer a marvelous lubricant of male fellowship, it sounds like a meeting space worthy of reintroduction for the church, both for discipleship and evangelism.

It’s an easy thing to start. Beer. Dudes. Psalms. There you go. Two-fingers up to wiser-than-God starch pants. A glass raised to Psalm 104.

Add in some Beowulf.

Throw in a manly Farley poem, like this one:

Screenshot 2018-08-27 13.51.46

Study a confession, tell heroic and comedic tales of ancestors gone before, and learn the Roman denunciation of papists.


*P.S. Worried about promoting alcoholism? Well, drinking is not to alcoholism what pre-marital sex is to cotton-eyed Joe. Drinking is not a sin. Pre-marital sex is a sin, which regularly brings with it God’s burning judgment. An STD is a disease. Alcoholism is not. Alcoholism is idolatry. Christians have the ability to repent of idolatry and live as free men. They actually have the God-given ability to leave the worshiping of beer and turn to the worshiping of God with beer. There’s something about that in Romans 12:1-2.

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