Cliché Title, Something Like, “Tale of Two Cities”

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In honor of National Atheists Day at the beginning of April, I drove from the Mexican border nearly all the way to Canada, stopping in Idaho’s panhandle, in Moscow, Idaho. Now, nearing month’s end, I’ve driven to Vegas. Talk about dramatic differences. Moscow was voted the best town to raise a family in, which is a direct result of it being noticeably along in being subdued for Christ. Liberals reporting, “Wow, look at this fantastic town. Idyllic! I wonder how they managed that?”

Now, Christian Muscovites will be the first to tell you that they’re just getting started, but even the blind know that those rowdy Presbyterians have made more headway in the Palouse than has been made in Vegas. Moscow’s strip is marked by a Reformed church, a Reformed publishing house, a Reformed college, a Christian owned barbecue joint, a Christian owned pub, and a Christian owned coffeehouse. Vegas’ strip is marked by gambling and scantily clad flim-flammery. Though low taxes and available land are nice for large families and churches, “Den of Iniquity” and family paradise don’t mix all that easily.

That’s why I’m glad my brother, Aaron Osuna, is laboring here. The city is ripe for the taking, flipping, overturning, sacking, conquering. Christ is on His throne. Vegas is in His territory. None of Christ’s enemies can enduringly stand. It’s just a matter of time before the giants get rocks in more than just their shoes and the grapes are ours.

Regarding decisive points, Vegas is a hill worth taking, being world renowned for its debauchery and home to a large university. It’s a hill that, barring an out of the normal miracle-working of God, will take a long, long time to take. But the time the task will take should not daunt Christians like Osuna. The success of small town brethren shouldn’t deflate their labors. Every hill, every city, every knee will be taken. One sermon at a time. One conversation at a time. One prayer at a time. One psalm at a time. One meal at a time.

To that end, may God bless my brother, his church, and Warcry Media. May gravity drag Vegas’ skirts to her ears, as the gospel turns the city upside down.

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