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Against Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion, as it is largely understood in contemporary America, is the idea that every man is free to hold to and practice his religion according to his own conscience, so long as he does not infringe upon the rights of his neighbor. Seeing this “freedom” as a good and essential part of a just society only works when thoughts of goodness and justice are centered on man. Does God in his Word allow men to practice whatever religion they choose? To worship however they choose? Not at all. Asherah poles are torn down. Baal’s prophets are slain. Egypt is plagued and Dagon’s house is toppled. Thousands are slain and thousands more forced to drink gold for daring to dance before a golden cow. God is plainly intolerant and jealous. And this is his world. We are his creatures. How could we believe that he has bestowed on us the right to blaspheme our Creator with lies and Satanism? It is not any man’s right to be a Muslim, even if he parades about as “the nice kind.” It is no man’s right to be an atheist, a Hindu, a new ageist, you name it. Our right is to be Christian, to honor the Triune God with our lives.

Against Freedom of Speech and Expression

As it is our right and responsibility to honor the Triune God with our lives, so too is it our right and responsibility to honor the Triune God with our lips. Again, how can we think that the one who gave us a tongue and lips considers it our right to blaspheme him with those gifts? We are not free to curse God, though we are free to curse God and die. It is no inherent right of man to deny his existence or extol the virtues of Marxism. Rights are from God and are so bound by the essential recognition of God as God and the necessity of giving him due gratitude with each of those rights. Men today defend Cardi B’s public nudity and Pornhub’s cinematography as forms of freedom of expression, and so practiced rights to be guarded. But we actually are not free to express ourselves adulterously, just as businesses aren’t free to promote Marxist propaganda by requiring customers to wear face masks.

Against Free Markets

Free market economics is the idea that my stuff is my stuff and your stuff is your stuff and what we do with it, including consensually exchanging it, is up to us. That’s generally as far as that definition goes, from the purists. But I’m the bastard who is fine with Saxon vocabulary and the worst of all words, “regulation”, regulation of religion, speech, and markets, according to the unchanging, unmoving Law of God. As said above, businesses are not free to be in league with Marxist globalists seeking to bring down society through the promotion of propaganda. Private schools are not free to enslave society by training up youth to be militant Marxists and environmentalists. Trinket shops are not free to sell cement Buddha’s for back gardens. Our rights and freedoms come from God, and nowhere has he given us the liberty in religion, words, and commerce to subvert fundamental goodness.

Some will say that the above is dangerously foolish, as the denial of such freedoms to others will eventually spell their denial to me. Well, for one, that objection is uninteresting, as my community slides toward the denial of my freedoms regardless of what is approved on Constitutional paper. Second, regulation must itself be regulated, by the same standard, God’s Law. When civil authorities seek to regulate anything apart from having proper justification from a Law that transcends their own existence, they act illegitimately and may properly be ignored and opposed, not from some idea that I don’t have to do anything that I don’t like, but that I don’t have to go along with what God doesn’t like.

So bully to your freedoms. Bully to your liberty, fraternity, and equality. Bully to your tolerance.

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