Dangerous Outreach to the Amish

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You could say, “proselytizing”, if bothering tyrannical governments and pluralists is at all entertaining to you.

If you haven’t noticed, there are Muhammedans aplenty in this world. Many Christians are asking how to responsibly evangelize them.

How I Would Train A Young Christian

If I was the private theology tutor for a high school student, and had total free reign in what I taught, I would not have a “unit” on evangelizing Muslims specifically. I would instead simply focus on evangelism.

I want a Christian to be crisp and clear on the doctrines of the gospel, including “Who is God?” So this is going to include studying Trinitarian truths and memorizing Bible verses pertaining to them. This will also, obviously, include deep meditation on TULIP and the 5 Solas of the Reformation.

Then I want her to think Biblically on the Victory of the Lamb, the glory of the new earth, and the terrors of Hell (this is almost solely to give her an unearthly zeal in evangelism, aimed at her belly).

Then, when considering how to engage unbelievers with these truths and their required responses, I want the student to soak in presuppositional thought. Specifically I want her to see the world in a binary fashion, those who hold to the God given worldview, and those who hold to the anti-God worldview. I want her to know that all unbelievers are intentionally denying God’s clear revelation because of their hatred of God. In the mad scramble to find a substitute deity, some grab “self”, some grab “3 million household deities”, some grab “Allah”, but all are grabbing at fig leaves because they just will not worship Yahweh. This is practically a loop back to the T in TULIP, just in the context of application.

Then I would probably throw heresies at her and make her defend the truth according to God’s Word, on the spot. No heresy is new heresy. The Devil isn’t that creative. Every false religion is just a tweaked combo of heresies. Know the gospel truths with deeper clarity than your average evangelical, understand the nature of folks’ unbelief (sinful rebellion), and know good sword play against heresy.

I could let loose a girl, who is solid in these areas, anywhere in the world, around any flavor of unbeliever, and she is just going to tear it up.

Such a girl is probably not going to be received well by folks who put a lot of stock into cultural differences (honor-shame, guilt-innocence, yada yada), because she will just talk about whatever the Bible talks about, which includes shame and guilt and the lot.

What extra-Biblical resources would I take advantage of? Far better than his social commentary or political recommendations is Thabiti Anyabwile’s book, The Gospel for Muslims (spoiler: he just says that the gospel for Muslims is the gospel; find a Muslim, pray, and open your mouth). For presuppositional reading, Van Till and Bahnsen are the go-to guys.

Satan’s Bowel Movement

Now, to specifically address the Insider Movement, no longer usefully compacted in Lucifer’s lower intestine. Jesus says that if we are ashamed of him before men, he shall be ashamed of us before his Father. Cowardly, afraid of persecution, and impatient, all upset that conversions don’t happen in hardened soil countries with the snap of a finger, Westerners have lied to ignorant Bengalis and Saudis and others, telling them that they can live as Muslims, just secretly in the name of Issah.

Well, no, you can’t.

Following Christ actively begins with baptism. In baptism, the forms and pursuits of the old life are publicly renounced. The name and title of the old life, renounced. The name of Christ, publicly taken. Allegiance to Christ and his people, publicly given. No more can a Christian go to Mosque, he goes to church. No more does he call the Quran inspired. He knows it to be a book from the pit, and reads the Bible as God’s very Word. He doesn’t call Yahweh by the false name of a false pagan deity (I like to call Yahweh by the Philistine name, Dagon. Oh, wait).

But, but, but…he’ll be persecuted! Oh, really? And is he better than his Master? Crucifixion was chosen by Jesus. Crucifixion was good enough for Peter. Beheading good enough for Paul. Burning good enough for Latimer. Gutting good enough for Thomas. Shooting good enough for my friend, Wyatt. Imprisonment good enough for my friend, Cyrus, while being forced to listen to his wife get raped. The road to the crown stops first at the cross. Take glory, with all the fleeting persecutions this world can throw at you, or have none of it.

Lest Our Bibles Offend Abdul

A note on Bible translations. The very words of Scripture are inspired. He chose the words. We do not fiddle with the words based on the audience. We bring the words into the language of the audience; but we don’t scrub all references to Jesus as the Son of God just because our audience is a bunch of Trinitarian heretics. Any “Bible” that does so is hardly good enough for kindling. Any “missions” agency or “translation” committee that does so should be more ashamed than Anthony Weiner.

And, if Robert Spencer’s work in The Truth About Muhammed is accurate, Allah is not just the word for God in Arabic. According to Spencer, Allah was one out of a pantheon of gods in the polytheistic, tribal Arab peninsula. And he was the “guy” chosen by Muhammed, or the demon that led Muhammed, however it went down. It’s like calling God, “Ram”, in Hindi translations just because Ram is the highest Hindu deity. This is a contended point, but we shouldn’t be allergic to contention.

Preach the gospel, unashamed and unafraid, without fiddling with our firm foundation.

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