Don’t Get Raped

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Her whole life she dreamed of being a Hollywood actress, a star in the movies. After years of training, she finally got her opportunity, signing with one of the big production companies. A couple supporting roles in and her boss called her into the office. This man had hired her, and he could make her a red carpet bombshell. Multiple movies were coming down the pipe and he thought she’d be a perfect leading lady for all of them. All of it would be hers if she just let him penetrate her. Say no and have her career ruined and her future job prospects dissolved. Say yes, deal with the humiliation and shame of being psychologically and economically coerced into being penetrated, and have a made career.

No, this is not about one of the many actresses who used to work for Harvey Weinstein. It’s about all the men in the US Armed Forces who are being psychologically and economically pressured, manipulated into getting the COVID-19 vaccine against their better judgement. Many men who didn’t want the vaccine have responded to the pressure by allowing themselves to be penetrated. Others are still considering.

Don’t let them penetrate you, brothers. When you signed up to serve in the military, you didn’t sign up to get raped. You signed up to penetrate our enemies with sword and spear. If you let them rape you to keep your job and status, you are the woman who let Harvey penetrate her.

God bless.

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