Douglas Wilson, On Writing

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Writing is an essential component in the task of exercising dominion. Writing, when done self-consciously and properly, is an essential part of the creation mandate, and which is in turn an essential part of the renewal of the creation mandate that is grounded in the Great Commission. Let me say it again. Writing is how we should assume the center. Writing is an exercise of dominion. Writing—as distinct from scribbling—wields authority.

Writing all this down accomplishes many things, but I just want to mention two of them here. First, writing enables us to remember. Writing is institutional memory. It wasn’t always like this. That which is accepted as normal now was rejected as beyond abnormal just a few years ago. Writing helps us to remember. Second, writing is an act of authoritative naming. As I have written numerous times before, our gender wars, our culture wars—what might better be called our lust wars–are battles over the control of the dictionary. He who controls the dictionary controls the exegesis.

Why do I write? Because I refuse to surrender this particular outpost. It is strategic; it is the decisive point. Everything depends upon our ability to continue to name in accordance with the naming of God. What God has called detestable cannot be perfumed into holiness with our little spritzer bottles of redefinition. I will say more about this in a moment, but if we want to continue to name these sins rightly, we cannot settle for naming them this way in our hearts. No, we have to name what we name out loud.”

–Douglas Wilson

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