Drinking Blood

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Above is a pro-abortion advertisement originally posted on YouTube in 2015.

A few, brief notes:

1. Everyone directly involved in the execution of abortions deserves to be hung.

If they don’t repent, if the State doesn’t repent and actually punish them, we are comforted knowing that God is good at crushing all his foes.

2. We all know what’s happening in abortion.

We all know that it is the slaughter of a child. We all know that some 60 million babies have been “legally” killed in America since Roe v. Wade. Killing of those who’ve not committed a crime. Killing of those who’ve not received due process. Killing at the hands of those who’ve taken hypocritic Hippocratic Oaths. We all know that such killing is happening in America every day, and that this killing is murder. This pro-abortion advertisement ends by saying, “She deserves to be chosen. #StandwithPP” The obvious implication is that, if you do not want her, PP will end her for you. “This beautiful baby girl, this princess, she doesn’t have to be born. We can dismember her in your uterus and sell her parts on the market.” We know. We’re bloodthirsty. America will pay.

3. Marketing is far too often socially acceptable lying. And nobody believes the marketing chat about Planned Parenthood being about more than just abortions.

Standing with PP is directly connected in this advertisement to PP killing children. Why stand with PP? They’ll kill your child for you, if you don’t want her, if you hate, instead of love, her. Americans love PP because Americans love death. Abortion is America’s great sacramental worship offered to Molech.

4. Our tax money goes to Planned Parenthood.

No politician who finds that acceptable deserves your respect. No politician who does nothing to change that deserves your support.

5. Midterm elections just took place across the States. There were Christians across the States who voted for Democrats.

The Democratic Party officially promotes the murder of babies. Check that. It should read, “the genocide of the pre-born.” And there were Christians across America who voted for Democrats. Limit your search for such voters to just PCA and SBC churches. Survey members of such churches in urban centers. You’ll find voters for the Dirty D, guaranteed.

How can this be? Watch the video and try to come up with an answer that makes sense. Whatever answer you land on, it has to at least include the facts that many Christians have no clue how to read and apply the Bible, many Christians are quenching the Spirit, and there are too many pastors across the country who aren’t fighting the good fight as they ought.

In 100 years, when abortion is a horrific thing of the Western past, when people look back on it and think Auschwitz looks like a warm-up in comparison, descendants will be able to find records of their Christian ancestors publicly defending the support of one of the evilest political groups in world history. And those descendants will be ashamed to have the same last name as their ancestors.

6. Abortionists drink blood. Christians drink a different blood.

And we win.

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