Excommunicate Dems

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I have many dear friends, and brethren in the Lord, at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

The church is one of the most well-known and respected churches in all of American evangelicalism. As such, it does much to set a tone and shape convictions among evangelicals. The church has used this influence well in matters of church polity. It has promoted evangelicals moving away from a “whatever works” approach to polity, a la Bill Hybels or J.D. Greear, to a “whatever the Bible says” approach. For that, I am grateful.

It has abused its influence in another area, though. Regarding politics, CHBC has pushed a way of thinking that says, “Our Christianity is one thing, our politics are another. The healthy church is one that celebrates the presence of both Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, one in which a D and R can be found in membership and offices.”

Hold hands. Kumbaya in Christ. Unity in political diversity.

This way of thinking sounds nice. It isn’t contentious. It’s welcoming in a political town. It appears to work if you can squeeze your Christianity into the church walls and ignore the fact that politics are inescapably religious.

But, alas, politics are inescapably religious. And so, while nice, the CHBC way is wrongheaded, with, literally, deadly results.

Christ is King. There is nothing in life that exists disconnected from that proposition. Everyone acts, everywhere and in everything, in rebellion against Christ’s Kingship, or in submission to it.

Therefore, politics are a matter of righteousness. Christians, those who belong to Christ and are in membership in Christ’s church, are to be at the forefront of righteousness. We are duty bound to honor Christ in public and private. It is the church’s duty to hold us to that. When a man belonging to a church publicly walks in unrighteousness, it is the church’s duty, for the sake of the honor of Christ’s name, to publicly disassociate with that man.

Thinking that it’s somehow a virtue to have Democrats and Republicans belonging to the same church blinds us to the above truths. When we recognize them to be true, that Christ is King and to Him is allegiance owed in all things, including our political endeavors, that politics are therefore matters of righteousness, and that churches are to publicly disassociate with those who publicly walk in unrighteousness, it becomes clear that churches in 2019 cannot harbor Democrats in their membership.

This is not a stretch. It is obvious. Far from being a church’s virtue, a thing to pray for more of and celebrate, it is a disgrace for churches to allow Democrats in their membership.

Those who vote Democrat vote for an agenda of sodomy, theft, and murder. Such is objectively the case, intentions aside, because of the Party platform.

Headlines were just filled with news of New York Governor Cuomo (D) signing into law a bill that allows third trimester abortions up to birth, gives permission for abortionists to let babies die who are born alive despite best efforts to the contrary, and refuses to protect wanted babies who are murdered while still in the womb.

That is directly what voting Democrat today gets you. Maximal death. Maximal genocide of those in society who most need to be defended.

Today, Virginia, formerly a great State, made headlines for attempting to steal New York’s thunder. Kathy Tran, a delegate from Fairfax, put forward a bill that would legalize abortions up to the very last moment, even when a mother has dilated. Commenting on the bill on the radio, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) promoted letting doctors deliver and then kill babies that are not wanted.

Now, this is all obviously from the pit of hell. Decent men in the State should march on the Executive Mansion to demand Northam’s resignation and on the General Assembly to demand Tran’s resignation.

But I find it highly ironic to see good men and pastors, who hold to CHBC’s approach to church and politics, decry the murderous intentions of Virginia’s government. Why loudly lament murder when you let your church members vote for it? Why be dismayed at rottenness when you’ve not insisted on saltiness in the church?

Thabiti uses The Gospel Coalition to ask Christians to vote for Democrats. Evangelicals harbor Democrats.

And we go on pretending to take abortion seriously. We go on pretending that it’s a genocide we’re responding to honorably.

Gospel-centered. Unity in diversity. Blah blah blah.

Our great-grandchildren will know of our deeds.

Our King already does.

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