Fa La La: Brief Thoughts on Singing in the Church

David Burchard Writings Leave a Comment

Every song we sing as a congregation is part of our corporate confession. In one way, our songs function just like our corporate readings of the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds. “This is a statement of that which we believe and that by which we will live.”

So, with every song we sing as a church, we should ask: Is this song worthy of being our confession? Does it say what is true, or does it say what is false or simply meaningless? Does it say truth clearly or is it vague, fluffy, or misleading?

We should also ask: Does this song help us to faithfully hold to the truth in our day and time, or does it make us vulnerable in our beliefs? Each day and time presents its own challenges to true faith and sound doctrine. Our sung confessions should recognize this, partnering with our more formal confessions to counter false teaching and declare God’s truth.

For those who select songs for the meeting of your church, what doctrine of God are your fellow members being taught by the songs sung? What doctrines of salvation are they being taught? What are they being taught about the human condition and future? What are they being taught to be ashamed of; and what are they being trained to celebrate?


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