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I know many millennials who claim to be naturalists, believing that all things have natural, material causes, that all things have developed from the evolution of matter. These same people then turn around and insist on paying more for a cup of coffee made with beans grown by a well-treated farmer in South America or Africa.

But if evolutionary naturalism is true, why does it matter if some farmer is “well-treated”? If everything around us is simply being according to the mindless interactions of matter that have been happening mindlessly for eons, then “well-treatment” is nonsensical, and its importance is nonsensical. What does it mean to treat a clump of matter and chemical reactions well. Why in the world would one expend energy trying to figure that out? Why does it matter how one clump of matter and chemical reactions, derived from primordial pond scum, treats another? What does “interpersonal” treatment mean anyway? Isn’t that just a mirage, masking the reality that one bag of fizz is fizzing near and/or on another bag of fizz?

Now, anyone reading this knows that personhood, that the existence of self, is self-evident. Anyone reading this knows that how persons treat other persons is significant. And so anyone reading this knows that Darwinism, that naturalism, that atheism, are all trash ideas, made up quackery, foolish lies that only sometimes wear lipstick.

My granddaddy was a farmer in his younger years. And I can justify caring for how he was treated, whether he was growing coffee or tobacco. I can do that because I’m a Christian, with my knowledge and beliefs anchored in God’s own words, the 66 books of the Bible. If you aren’t a Christian, then you can’t justify caring about an African farmer or a Virginian farmer, though you know you should. And that’s because you know whatever worldview you’re presently clinging to is a lie.

Stop holding on to that lie. Take hold of the truth, communicated with perfection in the Bible.

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