How Should You Engage Others on the Issue of Abortion?

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With the day off, I took the opportunity to walk into Dundee’s city center and explore. Pope Francis will probably follow up his anti-capital punishment statements with the claim that going vegetarian takes off years in purgatory. So, obviously, I made sure to grab a healthy lunch of fried chicken and chips. Because I’ve trained my senses to be Shaolin sharp, not even the undignified, agonizing clucks from Tammy, the slain and being chewed chicken could keep me from people watching.

Folks in blue hoodies passed out fliers from a blue tent right across from me. A sign leaning against the tent showed the face of a cute baby. That’s nice. Folks even in Scotland out and about defending innocent lives. A rare, welcomed sight.

Maybe you remember the recent news out of Ireland. Red-haired feminists and scumbag men with less testosterone than the castrati rejoiced on Irish streets, having successfully won the vote to legalize a genocide far worse than the imaginings of der Führer. Many who took up the losing fight against these Luciferians did so buying into a lie straight outta the American pro-life movement. The lie? “It is most strategic to argue the pro-life position without reference to God. We’re in a post-religious society. We need to make unreligious arguments.”

There are few issues today more important than abortion. Licking the last, greasy vestiges of Tammy off my fingers, I decided to walk over and find out if these Dundonians had also bought into the dumb American lie.

Going up to the guy who seemed to be in charge, not because of how he carried himself but simply because he was the only guy on a flier team of lovely ladies, I asked with straight face, “What are you doing?”

He talked about being against late-term abortions and abortions due to a baby’s disability.

“Why are you against that?”

He talked about his background in human rights law.

“But why does that matter?”

He answered that everyone ought to have a chance.


What did he answer, this pro-life ringleader in my city?

He answered that it was his opinion and he had the right to share it.

When it comes right down to it, exposed by the classic “Why? Why? Why?” treatment, that’s the sum and substance of his pro-life position. It’s his opinion.

Last week my pal ordered a pizza at Brewdog named, “The King of Pigs”. This “King of Pigs” was thin crusted, barely cheesed, and less covered in pig than a James Bond girl is covered in clothing.

That pizza is less flaccid and insulting and impotent than this guy’s pro-life case. Even after a couple of the ladies came over to save him, he still failed to salvage a sensible conversation.

Though, granted, he is uniquely incompetent at arguing for the pro-life position, his King of Pigs face plant highlights a helpful principle, getting back to that American lie.

If you try to argue for the pro-life position without the one, true, and living God as your explicit foundation, you will be left with making an arbitrary case to easily be ignored.

Making an unreligious pro-life argument ignores the context of the argument and is a philosophical colander for holding water.

What’s the context for having the argument about abortion?

Everyone you talk to knows what is happening in abortion. We all know what we’re doing. We all know what’s going on. This isn’t a problem of ignorance. It’s a willful problem.

Every pregnant lady, every boyfriend and husband, every politician, every doctor knows what 2+2 is and that the thing growing in the womb and moving around is a human life. Nobody is confused about that.

Everyone involved in promoting abortions is choosing murder in service to some treasure that he or she supremely holds dear.

Everyone knows that human life matters because we are made in the image of God. Everyone knows that murder is wrong because God is the Creator and says, “No!” to murder.

Everyone knows that abortion is part of rebellion against the God to whom they owe their full allegiance.

This is the context of the debate. It is inescapably theological. It isn’t a matter of ignorance. It is a matter of intentional, sinful rebellion against the Holy God.

Millions in the West have decided to say, “We know that God does not allow murder. We know it is wrong. We want to and will do it anyway.”

Knowing that this is the context, and it is, to argue with someone about whether that thing inside a woman is a baby deserving protection is like arguing with an algebra student about the sum of 2+2.

Take the case to the crux. Pro-aborts do not have a position worthy of respect. Don’t pretend like they do. Get right to the meaningful work.

The issue is whether or not men and women will turn from their sin and rebellion against God and follow Christ. Theological rebellion, not ignorance, is the issue. Repentance, not education, is the key. Tell people that the Judge of all the earth shall do right. Tell them that he is no chump, that all murderers will face his wrath in hell. Tell them that their only hope is to seek his grace while there is time, to turn from their murderous ways and turn to Christ for salvation.

He died in the place of every genocidal murderer who would turn to him in faith. He rose that they might have life with him forever in his kingdom.

Stop trying to be cute and respectable on the issue of abortion. “You know, I thought that pro-lifer was going to be all religious, but he was a really enlightened, thoughtful guy. I appreciated the opportunity for some intellectual sparring.”

Stop caring about what baby murderers think of you. They are baby murderers. They support baby murderers. Get over yourself and love them by pointing them to the only Savior of such vile sinners.

We need repentance. That is how this fight gets won. That’s how the genocide ends. That’s how we escape the wrath of God against genocidal nations like ours.

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