“If not us, who, and if not now, when?”

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I’m in San Diego right now, another liberal city that has declared itself a sanctuary city, actively working against ICE in order to give haven to illegal immigrants. This is par for the course in California, a State that loves the idea of State sovereignty when the issue in question conforms to liberal sensibilities.

Just yesterday I was talking about this with a city resident and complained that liberals have more cajones to stand for their stupid ideas than conservatives have to stand for their righteous ideas. “When will a conservative State declare itself a sanctuary for life? When will a State say, ‘No matter what other States or courts say, we will punish all murders here; that includes abortion’?

If Governor Abbott of Texas is a man of honor and his word, like few politicians are, Texas is likely to be the first such State. He promised Jeremiah Thomas, a young man whose dying wish is the abolition of abortion in Texas, that he and the Republicans have put the complete abolition of abortion on the State party platform. To quote Abbott, “Wish granted.” May Texans prove that they do live in the greatest State in the union.

In the providence of God, a day after lamenting the cowardice of conservatives, courage has appeared in a surprising place…Illinois. Last week, Effingham County’s board resolved that the county will be a “Sanctuary for Unborn Human Beings”, regardless of the murderous State laws being passed in Springfield.

As reported by LifeNews.com, the resolution reads, “…abortion in the United States has become a means of birth control in which the unborn are killed for the convenience of the parent(s).”

When asked with the county board is getting involved in this issue, Chairman Jim Niemann gave the right answer.

“If not us, who, and if not now, when?”

May God grant continued courage to the citizens of this county when opposition from the State and the Federal beast comes, as it will.

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