If You Want to be Liberated…

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Girl, it’s time for a serious sit down. I know you want to be liberated from the patriarchy. More than that, you deserve to be liberated. You are woman. You are mighty. You are strong. You roar in the face of the oppressors.

Your liberation is in soocyding yourself. That is your freedom. That is your victory.

You can’t date or marry a man for obvious reasons. If you do that, you’re letting man win. You’re putting yourself in an affirmative relationship with your oppressor, which is a sick display of Stockholm Syndrome. Were he to even look at you, his gaze would be penetrative and so rape. Dating or marrying an oppressive rapist is not an option.

You can’t date or marry another girl. Why? Try as you might, you won’t be able to resist sliding into the imitative patterns of the oppressor/oppressed. You or your partner, seeking liberation, will inevitably find yourself copying the male/female, masculine/feminine, man/woman dynamic. One will initiate, the other will follow. That’s just group dynamics. One will penetrate in the name of giving pleasure, the other will be penetrated in the name of receiving pleasure. Name aside, what is actually done is the role playing of rapist and victim. And you deserve better than that.

You can’t get into a relationship with a transwoman or transman. Transgenderism is enslaved to the sexual binary. It’s a surrender to male tyranny. You cannot surrender.

You can’t even become romantically involved with an a, pan, or otherwise sexual individual, let alone simply stay alone. Why? Existing in this world, you cannot find a single place where you will not be confined by male dominating, male violating female constructs. It is systemic. It is institutional. It is everywhere.

And you are better than that, queen. You are worth more than that. You matter.

And you do not have to be a victim. You have the power. You have the control. You can deny man his claimed “right” to oppress you by removing yourself from his system. Soocyde is freedom. Soocyde is victory. Soocyde is liberation.

In soocyde, man has no ability to swing his patriarchal sword against you. He cannot pierce the multiverse.

Slay, queen. And be free.

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