I’ll Only Fight If My Enemy Helps Me

David Burchard Christian Ethics Leave a Comment

“Righteousness is more important than victory, and victory will only come to those who care about righteousness more than victory.” – Douglas Wilson


Christopher Wright preached an hour-long sermon at Keswick on Micah 3:1-4:5, a text in which the prophet Micah condemns rulers in Israel for oppressing and using the people unrighteously.

In all his connections to similar injustices today, he not once spoke of abortion.

I don’t believe Wright was a coward in preparation, understanding abortion to be the problem it truly is only to avoid talking about it from fear.

The cowardice is more widespread and such that I don’t think Wright even thought about abortion while preparing his sermon.

Evangelicals in the UK think the fights against abortion and pomosexuality are lost, so they conveniently avoid them. “Ooh, we didn’t fair too well in those battles. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.”

Human trafficking is a different kind of fight. It’s a fight that those who’ve beaten us in the past will join in to give us aid. So it’s a fight that weak evangelicals still think they can win.

Whether or not you think we will win on abortion, don’t be a gelding. Don’t be a poof. Don’t be pathetic.

Evangelicals must remember just how serious the wickedness of abortion is. Evangelicals must remember that they will not just give account of their conduct to their grandchildren, and to mankind’s history at large, but also to the Lord God Almighty.

Don’t talk to me about justice unless you are willing to fight against and talk about the worst injustices first.

Have some respect. Have some honor. Have some courage. And know that there are some fights worth fighting no matter the outcome.

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