In Praise of Kyle Rittenhouse

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Kyle Rittenhouse, at 17, has more balls than most in America today. Civil servants abandoned Kenosha, WI just like they abandoned city after city in America this summer. “Let them burn, let them pillage, let them kill and destroy. Hail Satan!”

Kyle, and others like him, refused to sit back idly as Kenosha was invaded. As men, they bore arms in defense of the city and its peaceful populace. As men, they did the job while others turned their heads.

After cleaning graffiti, Kyle stood guard of local business. When attacked, he defended himself manfully.

After posting a side-by-side image of a rioter beating Kyle in the head with a skateboard and then grabbing his chest, having been shot by Kyle, a supporter of the growing influence of Critical Race Theory asked me if posting such an image demeaned the dignity of human life.

No, it doesn’t. Celebrating Kyle dignifies life.

Rioters, looters, molotov lobbers claim by their actions that life is cheap and God is hated. Men of courage, men who put their own necks on the line, men who stand before the mobs to defend life and property, they are those who walk in honor and dignity. They are those who show the worth of a people, of a culture, of a land.

My glass is raised to you, Kyle. Hang tough while they try to hang you high. Know that courage and righteousness are always the right choice, even when the legal lions come prowling after you. They want your blood because you show them to be incompetent cowards. Their animosity is understandable.

And, Kyle, get right with King Jesus if you have yet to do so. Repent of your sins and believe on Him to be your Savior and Lord. Unlike your government, Jesus never opposes or abandons warriors of true heart and firm arm. If you ever want to talk about that more, reach out. You’re loved and respected at Stone Mountain Media.

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