Injured. Never Beaten.

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There are many enemies of the Christian in this dark world. It is a most fearsome land indeed. Oft times, in fact, far too often, his enemies shall get the better of him, causing all sorts of dastardly injuries.

But the Christian knows something. He knows the schemes and blows of his enemies are all in vain. Not one strike against him, no matter how vicious, no matter if it comes from his own flesh or from the Father of Lies, is the death blow. The death blow has already landed on another, on his King. It landed upon him 2,000 years ago, 2 days time in the Christian’s homeland. Devastating as it truly was, the King revealed 3 days later in his resurrection from the grave that the devastating death blow was actually his means of securing victory for his kingdom. For you card playing folk, the Kingdom of the Dark Lord had gone all in, had lost, and simply refuses to leave the table. No need to worry. In due time all enemies of the King will be carried off.

In the meantime they lash at the Christian. He feels the real pain. But he knows that the victory has been won. He knows that nothing will stop him. He knows that he can press on, and press on he must, for in a little while his tired feet will find home’s soil.

Look up Christian. Look ahead. Press on. Press homeward.

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