Just a Tuesday

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Today, I walked to a coffee shop that charges nigh $3 for 8oz. of joe. But don’t worry, the price is reasonable. The coffee is roasted in Celsius.

On my way there I saw a grown man wearing a cape. Not only did I feel safer, but when I pointed it out to a stranger nearby, the stranger looked at me as if I was the curious one.

This was after I witnessed a man flirting with a woman, both sporting the same super-cute bun. The follacles on his face matched her eyes.

Upon arrival at this quite special coffee shop, I encountered a liberated man, wearing wonderfully form-fitting leggings, which were impressively tighter than the leggings of his female caffeinating companion.

Turning from the lovely view, my eyes beheld an intelligent and empowered college student in the process of informing her guy gaggle that she intended to protest Trump’s presidency because, “Ya’ know, like, he’s sexist as hell!”

According to the ever-evolving Merriam-Webster, “Sexism: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.”


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