Laughter is War

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Being aware that we are on a constant war footing does not create a license to abolish all the things the enemy would love to abolish, were he to win the conflict. What would the devil love to take away from us were he to win the war? To surrender those things preemptively is actually to surrender the war. In this conflict, you can’t lose your merry warriors without losing the war. To surrender those things for the sake of beating him is actually losing to him. I refer, of course, to music on the front porch, reading to the grandkids, lovemaking, cold beer, picnics in the sunshine, rained-out picnics, green beans with pistachios in them, cigars that spread their rich aroma across the deck like a benediction, hiking . . . all of these things (and thousands more) are psych-ops for the devil. They are also psych-ops for the fussers in our own ranks.

There is a way of fighting the enemy that is actually a process of becoming the enemy. Grendel hated the glorious song of the scop that could be heard coming from Heorot. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Laughter is war.

Wilson, Douglas. Rules for Reformers (pp. 94-95). Canon Press. Kindle Edition.

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