Life as a Religious Bigot in Scotland

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Gladly am I a resident of Dundee, Scotland.

But there are those in power who are unhappy that I live and work in this city.

I first saw the advertisements on a couple billboards while helping a single mother move flats. I’ve now spoken of them in a sermon and David Robertson has written an article about them at his blog, The Wee Flea.

With this post, I’d like to address any police officers in my city.

First, let me say that I was raised to respect my local police, and I’m glad to report that one of my best friends faithfully serves his community as a police officer. Police are to bravely serve as God’s ministers of justice, and so institutionally have my respect.

I do not, however, respect your current advertising campaign. As it is not dishonorable to change course when an error has been made, I encourage you to change course and so salvage your honor.

Let me explain why I so disrespect your current campaign. Your advertisements are foolish, and foolishness does not become the police.

They are foolish because they define love as hate.

Homosexual lust is not love. Homosexual lust is simply the desire to use another man as an ejaculatory receptacle. To actually love someone is to treat him or her lawfully, from the heart. By lawfully, I do not refer to man-invented laws that can contradict themselves in the span of a few brief years. Up to 1980, what was so recently celebrated with pride in Dundee would have been prosecuted as criminal, and worthy of death up to 1887. By lawfully, I refer to that law which shall never change, that law which exists because of the very character of God Almighty, that law which binds all men everywhere.

How has your advertisement defined love as hate? Well, God’s moral law condemns homosexuality as an abomination, deserving death here and hell upon Judgment Day. As it is good and right to tell a man to not do that which will bring about his own destruction, it is good and right and loving to tell a man to forsake homosexuality, or else. That is love. It is love to speak thus, and to do so not simply in one’s home, but also from one’s pulpit. Is this not what your advertisement condemns as hate by specifically using the words “religious” and “sermon”? To call love hate is foolish. One ought to desist of foolishness.

Your advertisements are foolish because they are self-refuting.

To pay for self-refuting advertisements is embarrassingly foolish, and I’d imagine you’d want to better spend taxpayer money elsewhere. How are they self-refuting? Consider the one that I’ve pictured above and am here specifically addressing. It is addressed to bigots. By bigots, I can only assume that you mean those who refuse to tolerate the members of another group. That’s my assumption because that’s how it is most often used today. Clearly, the advertisement addresses religious men and women who do not tolerate homosexuals. Realistically, the toleration failure can only mean refusing to endorse homosexuality, refusing to celebrate it, to give it a thumbs up. You must mean those who are so bold as to not only withhold endorsement but to condemn homosexuality publicly, even from the pulpit. Surely that’s why you refer to sermons.

Yet, do you not do a greater bigotry with this advertisement than the “hate” you condemn? What is the point of the advertisement if it is not to communicate firm intolerance of another group, namely, those religious residents of Dundee who stand opposed to homosexuality? “How dare you be intolerant of this group! We will not tolerate you!” You do see the blatant self-refutation of your advertisement, don’t you? “When you are a bigot, I shall oppose you as a bigot!”

And you do recognize that your bigotry is worse than mine, don’t you? You have power to enforce your bigotry. You’re authorized to enter homes, to arrest, to banish. I’m not. Because I’m not a wilted daffodil, know that I will never stop preaching against homosexuality. I’ll never stop preaching against any sin, including my own. So, if you get your way, your way as indicated by your “public letter”, then, while I pursue capturing hearts and minds so that this city is built up in fruitful righteousness, your bigotry will pursue my arrest. That is obviously a more severe bigotry. Your advertisement is bigoted foolishness; it has my disrespect.

Finally, your advertisements are foolish because they make moral assertions without an appeal to a legitimate moral standard.

This has already been made apparent by the observation that men in your uniform would once arrest buggerers, yet now seem eager to arrest those who preach against buggery. That’s quite confused, is it not? You make a moral claim. You say that hate is wrong, morally bad. By what standard?

Is it wrong because you say so? Is it wrong because at least 50% of Scotsmen say so, or because the current party in power says so? You know full well that you’ve been wrong before. So your opinion on the matter is not a sufficient moral standard. You know that a simple majority is fully capable of being wrong on a matter and so fails to be a sufficient moral standard. You know that parties come and go, that platforms change, that plenty of politicians are simply interested in re-election. So, the SNP can’t be your moral authority.

Things are right or are wrong because God says so. God is the standard. His Word is the sure line for right and wrong. Because God is and has made us in His image, murder is wrong, theft is wrong, adultery is wrong, bearing false witness is wrong, coveting is wrong…and homosexuality, the lust, and the practice, is wrong. God’s Word is the only infallible rule for right belief and right practice. Our own consciences universally agree with this standard of morality. You know this to be the case. Your Maker determines morality. And, in this case, your Maker agrees with my sermons, and calls your advertisements foolish.

Your advertisements are foolish. As a result, they bring shame to your uniform, they waste taxpayer funds, and they threaten your city’s best residents.

I do not write this with hate in my heart. I write this with love, for you, my homosexual neighbors, and all those who live in Dundee.

It is my prayer that you would come to your senses and defend, not threaten, righteousness.

Your loving neighbor,

David Burchard

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