Male, Clued-In, Landowners

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The Wall Street Journal has an article reporting on Florida’s decision to grant voting privileges to felons. Obviously, such a decision was backed by that bastion of virtue, the ACLU (Anti-Christian Libtards United).

Some 65% of Floridians voted in favor of this decision, a reflection on the great confusion in America about voting. We’ve been trained to think that voting is somehow a human right, and most certainly needs to be any citizen’s right.

But, here’s the thing, voting is an authoritative action. It actually affects life and livelihoods. It requires competence and wisdom and skin in the game. Only men should vote because voting is part of leading the country. Only land owners should vote because land owners have skin in the game and a taste of reality that can’t be had from communist college profs. Only those who can pass a basic poll test demonstrating knowledge of the race at hand should be able to vote. And felons have forfeited their claim to be trustworthy voters. America’s great downgrade has followed her great expansion of voting privileges. Any sensible American should see the reasonableness of only wanting competent, male, producers taking such political action.

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