Man is to Woman as St. George is to Princess Una

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Have you heard the legendary tale of St. George and the Dragon? It is the legend of a nation because of its rich communication of fundamental truths. In a unique way, it captures Scripture’s teaching on quests, good and evil, marriage, the movement of history, and manhood and womanhood, which I will briefly comment on here.

God has made men to be kings, knights, and workhorses, to fight, labor, work, and grunt. He has made women to be elegant queens, to nurture and beautify his world, and to help men in their quests.

Though St. George desires to be in the Celestial City, he has been tasked with traveling the country to vanquish the foes of the righteous. One day, the hyacinth beautiful princess, Una, finds him. She tells him of a wicked dragon besieging her father’s kingdom. She asks him to help. And he does.

Protecting her on the return journey, he walks knowingly into peril, that she might be able, with the other maidens of the land, to flourish. St. George faces the dragon in battle. More than once it seems that the dragon has finished him off; but each time Princess Una nurses him back to fighting strength. In the end, valor drives goodness to victory, as St. George’s sword slays the beast and frees the kingdom. In honor of this accomplishment, the king joyfully gives Una to St. George in marriage. And though St. George’s job in opposing evil is not yet done, they go forward in the quest together, in holy matrimony.

Una could not be the knight, just as St. George could not be the princess. Both flourish as they are caught up in their divinely assigned endeavors. Both flourish as, in their marriage, the rest of their lives are defined by St. George’s quest, Una not having a separate quest, but helping him in his work as no one else could.

In the end, righteousness reigns and the kingdoms are warmed in the noon day sun as St. George is man and Princess Una is woman, faithfully living under the Lord their God, looking forward to the day when they will be in his courts in the Celestial City.

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