Mourning Before Feasting: God Bless America

David Burchard Politics Leave a Comment

Tomorrow is one of the greatest days of the year, the day we celebrate our declaration of independence from British tyranny.

I’m blessed to be able to honor the day with my feet on American soil, side by side with American brothers and sisters. Tomorrow is fittingly a day of feasting, laughter, and song.

Tomorrow, I celebrate. But, today, I’m grieved. I know that we have taken upon ourselves a tyranny far worse than anything King George could have concocted. We have chosen a tyranny to do daily violence to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve chosen a government that openly robs the people. We’ve chosen a government that uses force to enforce the unnatural and the perversion. We’ve chosen a government that protects men and women whose joy in life is the dismemberment and sale of precious boys and girls.

I love my country. Her winds sing to my soul. Her mountains strengthen me. Lord willing, one day I shall be planted in one of her fields.

But I grieve for her. I know we have lost our life, liberty, and happiness, for we have forsaken our God.

As the feast day of The Fourth approaches, I thank my God for the opportunity to fight the flames and shadows that rule the hearts of my countrymen.

May God give repentance across this land. May God bless America.


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