Nannies and Tyrants, Alfie and Arms

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I live in a Nanny State and a pit of political tyrants.

I live in the definition of a Nanny State. What do I mean? Not only are Brits always on camera, being watched by Big Brother, but, also, children in Manchester will be regularly weighed by the government. Why? To make sure they aren’t too fat. That’s right. Parents in Manchester are too stupid to look at their kids and say, “You know what? Tubby is fatter than a tub of lard! Let’s give him a salad.” Apparently, folks in the UK think it’s the government’s job to call their kid a larder and tell him to hold off the MacDonald’s. I feel like I’m living in Crazyville.

The United Kingdom is a viper pit of tyranny. In case there was any ambiguity, the government recently publicly clarified the British answer to the question: “To whom do children belong?”

On this island, children do not belong to their parents. They belong to the State. Now, some symptoms of this fact have been suppressed. The named-persons scheme, a plan that would have given greater legal authority over a child to a specified government appointee than the parents, was turned back before becoming law. While that is good, it ought not confuse us about the government and children.

The murder of Alfie Evans makes that plain.

Alfie Evans was murdered by the State in a government-run hospital in England. With force, his parents were barred from taking him to Italy to receive treatment. Treatment and transportation costs would have been covered in full by Italy, which had granted Alfie citizenship. Instead of letting his parents fight for the life of their child to the end, Alfie was kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the government.

That is tyranny. And hardly anybody here cares. The populace didn’t rage. It just happened; life went on.

If you ever wonder why the 2nd Amendment matters, remember Alfie Evans. Arms for self-defense, self-defense being a God-given right, are not just good when a bad guy breaks into your home. Arms for self-defense are also good when bad guys get voted into office or appointed to the judiciary or hired in government hospitals. The 2nd Amendment means that parents are not without options when the government decides to kidnap and kill children.

Children belong to their parents. And guns remind governments of that God-ordained truth.

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    The worst part of the Alfie Evans event was how apathetic the populace was. That was scary. I expect secular governments to act like this. When the population doesn’t care there is real danger.

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