On Protesting the Flag

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Korea is on the brink of reunification. Americans continue to outpace the Western world in the genocide of cute babies race. Islam is succeeding in the penetration of Western countries and execution of jihad among civilians.

And NFL players are protesting the flag and anthem of our country.

Yes, they have the right to protest. Yes, the coaches have the right to bench any player who so protests. Yes, they are doing it for reasons that elicit much passion in many citizens of my country. Yes, they are simply wrong in their conclusions about current events.

But all of that is irrelevant to the question of whether these men should protest or honor and celebrate the flag and anthem of these united States.

A country is beloved or hated. You either deeply desire and pursue its good, or you don’t.

A hated country can, quite simply, be left. You read that rightly. If you have somehow concluded that you’ve been overwhelmingly oppressed in America by the system, the man, and all his cousins, you are free to leave. You aren’t a vassal, a slave, a dog on a chain. If the pastures are greener elsewhere, go to them, and eat to your heart’s delight.

These united States ought to be beloved, as they were established by hardworking Christian men, whose convictions helped shape the Declaration of Independence and the finest Constitution ever penned outside of Israel, under the leadership of Moses. The flag represents the ideals and laws of this nation’s first fathers, and it has flown over some of the world’s finest heroes. The liberties we claim in these lands, under that banner, with that anthem beating in our hearts, have been bought dearly with the blood of generations.

Even if these States were to so decay, were to be so tyrannical, as to bring me to the gallows for my seeking righteous conduct, I would still turn my face toward that flag with respect, heart swelling, goose bumps rising, in gratitude, and grief, for the greatest union of States in the world, and the men who sacrificed bravely for it.

Even if liberty was so abused under that banner as to give way to lawless invasion and bloodshed, that banner and song are still beloved, good and beautiful.

Such should be the stalwart patriotism of all red-blooded American men, men who ought to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under common law and a common God, and always stand in respect for the flag and anthem and all the good they represent.

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