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2018 refuses to go out without at least a few more chuckles. It’s a year in which satirists and comedians are being put out of business by reality.

Bleeding heart liberals in Baltimore have decided to combat crime in their cesspool of a city with a $250,000 tax-payer funded gun-buyback program. 

Real quick on why buyback programs don’t work. Imagine a saw and hammer buyback program. How many carpenters do you reckon are going to “take advantage” of that? You steal $100 in the form of property tax and offer it to Carpenter Bob for his tools. If he sells, he makes $100. If he tells you to stuff it, he goes to work with those tools and makes real dough.

Gang bangers are banging in gangs because there’s monetary value involved. Guns are pretty useful tools for banging around and taking advantage of that monetary value. Conclusion? Gang bangers don’t give a hoot about buyback programs.

You know who does take advantage of Baltimore feel-good policies? Smart, non-criminals. Baltimore is offering $25 per “hi-capacity” magazine. Such magazines can be purchased for $12. Easy money.

One Baltimore resident is selling her gun to the city in order to buy a bigger one. God bless her and her kin.

Stupidity is stupid, and eventually stops working. In the meantime, there are laughs to be laughed.

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