Psalm Sing 11/21

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Thank you for gathering with us to worship the Triune God.

It’s always important to worship God, but it is particularly important to stand for truth when there are attempts by tyrants to strip us of our rights to worship, or to dictate the terms of that worship.

Churches have again been commanded to close their doors while strip clubs and murder mills like Planned Parenthood have been told they can continue to service their patrons. This is not a unilateral shutdown, but a particularized one. 

Shutdowns have been commanded by Governor Newsom, but he does not have that kind of authority. Governor Newsom does not have authority to quarantine the healthy, and he certainly does not have authority over the church of Jesus Christ.

Governor Newsom has used this year to strip many men of their livelihoods, to mandate our bed times, and has sought to bring comfort to the people of this state through things like stimulus checks. All this has done is cause more dependence upon the government for people’s survival.

All authority is given by God, the only Sovereign. And authority is only legitimate when it is exercised in line with the boundaries God has set for that particular office.

Through his unlawful order, Governor Newsom has broken his covenant with God and he has broken his covenant with the people he vowed to govern. Because of this, Governor Newsom has set himself as an enemy of God, an enemy of the people of California, and an illegitimate magistrate, an illegitimate Governor.

Men like Newsom, and most men who lead in our governments today, see government as a savior for the people. Our nation has been trained to hope more and more in their government for security and provision.

But government is an impotent savior.

What is it that is going to save this nation?

The only thing that will save this nation is repentance from sin and faith in Jesus.

We don’t just need a president and government to pass and uphold conservative policies.

If God gives us Joe Biden as a President, it is a fitting judgment for a people that have celebrated sexual perversions of sodomy, lesbianism, transgenderism, and beyond. It is a fitting judgment for a nation that has slaughtered its own children and glories in it.

This nation is steeped in sin, and we flaunt it before the face of our Creator.

We need reformation in our churches and we need revival in our communities. We need regeneration throughout this nation by the Spirit of God.

We need God to do a work, and so we turn to God. We worship God, and we seek to do so in the way He commands us to worship Him.

We are singing together today because of the pattern we see in the Bible of God delighting to accomplish His purposes through the worship of His people.

Together we want to remind this city of where they owe allegiance. We want to remind them of their Almighty Creator and their lack of fellowship with Him due to sin.

We want to remind them of the coming judgment. And we want to remind them, we want to proclaim, the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to declare that God has not left this world with what it is owed but has come to us in incarnate mercy.

Our prayer is that God would use our worship to bring about His just judgments on earth. We want to sing Psalms and hymns that rejoice in all of who God is and help us to glory in what the Bible tells us to glory in.

We also want to pray that through our worship in our churches and in the public square as well as our obedience in our homes, churches, and communities, God would continue to graciously use us in advancing His kingdom on earth, so that San Diego would look more and more like heaven as knees are bowed to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith.

Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to be here, and may God be glorified in the worship of His people.

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