Salt and Light

David Burchard Christian Ethics, Writings 2 Comments

What does it mean for us to be salt and light in our community?

It means that our church preaches the full counsel of God and carries out the church covenant and the law of God from the heart.

It means that our families are Christian families, families with faithful federal heads, families that feast and laugh together, that are catechized, that sing songs of the Lord and know and obey His Word, whose sons are raised to be firm wielders of authority, whose daughters are raised to have feminine quiet and gentle spirits, to be masterful nurturers in the world.

It means we don’t think it’s being a witness in the workplace to toe the HR line and attend all diversity training like good little boys and girls. When possible, we start our own businesses, we set our own righteous HR policies. We do Christian business, making honorable profits unto the Lord.

What does it mean to be salt and light in our community? In a world of death and darkness, full of sin’s carnage, we conquer. In Christ we conquer sin and temptation. In Christ we conquer strongholds of false belief and worldly philosophy. In Christ we simply live better in our God’s world than any pagan ever could.

Christ is on the throne. He is the High King. We are His people. Nobody can come close to living as well as us. So we live well in His name, and call sinners to join us.

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