Sharing is Caring, Revelation of the General Sort

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A quick Saturday note about general revelation:

Two young brothers bickered about toys. One boy had been playing with them but was not even slightly interested in sharing them with his older brother. The mother intervened. Her instruction? Share. That is fair.

This didn’t surprise me. Plenty of boys hear such instruction, given as the solution to conflict, throughout childhood.

Here’s the significance of the event:

Women call for more nice playing and sharing. They are inclined to the ideals of socialism, wealth redistribution as fairness. Why? Because God made women to be women, with duties not in the political sphere, but in the domestic sphere. That inclination in the domestic sphere is useful.

Men want play that has, at its heart, competition and, at its end, conquest. They are inclined to the ideals of capitalism (unless they love thievery or are effeminate). Why? Because God made men to be men, with duties in the spheres of politics, industry, and war. The inclinations of a conqueror are useful in such spheres.

For the cause of fruitfulness in God’s world, men go out and compete for resources; they conquer; they’re industrious. Men bring the spoils of their labors to their women, who take them and share them within the home, making sure all are as cared for and well-fed as possible.

Men are inclined to aim at victory. Women are inclined to aim at relational well-being.

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