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Errors in teaching on homosexuality will fall into errors on sin or errors on repentance. 

It is not just the practice of homosexuality that is a sin. Homosexual desire, homosexual lust, is also a sin. 

Because both practice and desire are sinful, both are to be repented of and both can be repented of, because of the transforming power of the gospel. God empowers repentance of will and action by His Holy Spirit. John 3, Romans 8, and 1 Corinthians 6 all promise new life.

Additionally, effeminacy is itself a sin that must and can be repented of because of the grace of God. Apart from 60+year-old widows and those made eunuchs for the kingdom, Christians are not called to commit to celibacy. That is not the good life of Christianity. Those who have sexual desire are not to deny it through celibacy. They are to pursue legitimate marriage and satisfy their sexual desire. Marriage is the God-ordained protection from sexual sin, something about which Protestants used to be fully convinced (the vicars of Living Out are promoting a Catholic playbook here that recent news reminds us is a bad idea).

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