Should Draft Prospects Play in Bowl Games? 3 Points

David Burchard Writings Leave a Comment

  1. A player commits to a team for a season. Men ought to see through the commitments they make, whenever possible.
  2. Football is violent, and can’t be played tentatively. Yes, injuries happen; but that is just football. Risk is assumed the moment you get into the sport. Play hard. Entrust your health to God.
  3. Men who play through the season, putting themselves on the line for the good of their teammates, demonstrate a grit and tenacity that winning teams need. It’s the gritty stubbornness in football that makes the difference between 4th and inches and 1st down, the difference between diva and workhorse (see Derrius Guice, injured throughout the year, playing in tonight’s Citrus Bowl for LSU).

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