Silenced by the Good Guys?

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Abortion is genocide, plain and simple.

It is not a morally complicated matter. We all know what is happening. We know what we are guilty of permitting in our land.

Today, I went about my business. I didn’t hear screams, see flowing blood, or smell burnt flesh. But thousands were slaughtered all the same.

My friend is not the CEO of Google. He works for a Christian organization. No one will have an unexpected aneurysm if he publishes a Christian conviction. He literally gets paid to broadcast the truths of a Christian worldview to people who don’t like it, to call them to submit their lives to the rule of the King, who alone saves sinners and leads in true life.

So, as a Christian, paid by a Christian organization to call men to repentance and faith in Christ, he retweeted a Matt Walsh tweet, shown above. It flatly accuses men who support abortion of being emasculated, deprived of their male role, cowardly, without true courage, and henpecked, beaten down by the feminist movement so prevalent in America over the last decades. He would say all of this in a Bible study; I’ve heard him do so. He can show it all from the Bible. God made men to lead for the end of God’s celebration and man’s flourishing. For men to promote baby slaughter is the opposite of masculine. It isn’t masculine leadership. It leeches instead of provides. It destroys instead of protects life. Pro-abortion men lack the courage to stand for what they know to be true in the face of relativism and feminism, ergo henpecked cowards. This tweet could be quoted verbatim in the application section of a group Bible study in Genesis 1-3.

As a result of retweeting this though, my friend’s boss commanded him to stop all activity on social media. That’s right. Under threat of termination, the boss demanded a full and immediate moratorium on all posting. The stated reason? His posts were not above reproach. Apparently, it now makes Christians highly offended and uncomfortable when other Christians are willing to speak plainly about reality, and even challenge wicked men for promoting wickedness.

There was a time when a willingness to speak the plain truth, specifically against men who promote genocide, was seen as valiant. There was a time when characters in stories who used their words to shed light on the true character of Nazis were venerated.

That time is not now.

Living in a society that has cast off the rule of God for its own, a society that despises the gospel’s denunciation of sin, my friend finds himself silenced by Christians, silenced by the good guys, for specifically enumerating the sins of millions.

Societies given over to sin need Jeremiahs. They need men who are willing to stand on the rooftops and declare truth, and demand repentance. But Jeremiahs make everyone uncomfortable. And so, Jeremiahs are at times silenced by the good guys.

And that is a tragedy.


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