St. Lawrence and the Iconoclast

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Admiral Phips of the British Navy was ordered to sail up the St. Lawrence Seaway to support the British invasion of French-held Montreal.

One thing that you need to know about Admiral Phips, however, is that he was properly a vehement iconoclast. Quebec being French-held, Roman Catholic chapels, adorned with many statues of “saints” and the “perpetual virgin”, dotted the shores of the Seaway. Phips was so indignant at the sight of such idolatry that he fired upon these statues all along the shore, all the way to Montreal.

This was a problem. For, by the time he reached the city, he was out of ammunition. With no ammunition to fire, his support of the invasion was limited to spectating. For this, he was nearly court-marshaled.

*story as told by his descendant

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