Stories of Grace

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Conversion is all of grace, fully a work of God against all odds. And conversion is a result of evangelism. So tell folks, even those folks, about Jesus.

Yesterday, a Christian woman married a Christian man in a most unexpected ceremony, unexpected because for years this woman was that woman at the well, that woman in Proverbs who leads men to death, that siren on the rocks. For years, she served the devil, giving vent to her passions and ensnaring men in their adulterous lusts. Consequently, she found herself with child. She killed that child. Again, she found herself with child. Yet, this time, God halted her murderous intentions. She went to a doctor and told him of her abortive plans. This doctor, in defiance to the medical norms of the day, acted as a father. “No. Do not do that to your child.” He corrected her, he authoritatively interposed on behalf of her child, because he is a Christian. And, being a Christian, he went on to tell her the good news of Christ crucified and resurrected for those who rebelliously have brought their lives to ruin. She heard the gospel, this temptress and former mocker of the faith. Hearing the gospel, the Lord blessed her with faith to receive the gospel. She believed, and, so, was fully pardoned of her sin, declared right with God in Christ, and welcomed as God’s beloved child. And, a generous Father, God blessed her with a Christian marriage.

Just three days prior to that Christian wedding, my brother was in prison, helping to lead a weekly Bible study for the inmates. One man in attendance engages so little that none of the leaders were actually sure how well he understood English. As men responded to a question, he raised his hand and, with excitement, declared that that very morning he had believed on Christ for salvation. The next day the prison was closed to all visitors for the foreseeable future. In God’s grace, not only did he gift this man with salvation, he also gifted him with the opportunity to make that known to fellow believers, receiving encouragement from them and giving them encouragement as they press on in a toilsome ministry.

A harlot. An inmate. Saved by the grace of God.

Tell sinners of the Lord. He is pleased to save.

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