Stupid Law: You Need a License

David Burchard Politics Leave a Comment

Why does the State have laws about speed limits and drivers’ licenses and car insurance? Such laws exist because the State wants to be your Daddy, your Mommy, and your God.

Without any laws whatsoever, a man will be motivated to drive safely and not get into wrecks. Why? For the obvious reasons that car wrecks are costly. Someone invents a seatbelt to help me stay safe? If I don’t use it, and I die, then I’m dead. End of story, literally. If I hit someone’s car and I’m not insured and I can’t afford to pay for the damage, guess what? I can go into debt bondage to pay it off with labor. If I hit someone’s car and kill the driver, and it can be demonstrated that the wreck was my fault, due to my negligence and lack of control, then I can be executed. Debt bondage or execution do not sound like great personal aspirations. Both, therefore, motivate me to drive responsibly.

And all of that is possible without a nanny State.

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