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The following is a clip of Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska speaking against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s promotion of infanticide.

I am grateful for Sasse’s willingness to state the obvious and do what no Democrat will do.

That said, more must be done. And if there are any decent men in Virginia, in New York, or in Washington D.C., more will be done. Pay attention to the language of the title of the bill. It’s honest. No one questions its accuracy. Plenty won’t like it.

Sasse’s bill is referred to as the abortion survivor’s protection act, aimed at ensuring the protection of all children who survive abortion. What does this wording reveal? It reveals that we’re talking about babies, babies before birth and babies after birth, the canal having no impact whatsoever on human nature. It reveals we’re talking about survivors. A survivor is someone who makes it through a threatening ordeal, in this case, a precious baby who makes it through an attempt on his or her life.

Ben Sasse, I write to you as a Christian man. I ask you to do more. We all know that the repugnance of Northam’s comments fit all abortion, from first to fourth trimester. All abortion is murder. I believe you love the Lord Jesus Christ. I know you love your children. I know that you know abortion is the murder of precious children. Please introduce legislation that outlaws abortion throughout all fifty States. No court, Supreme or otherwise, has the authority to deny a child the right to life. God alone possesses the authority to give and take away life. Defy the court that for so long has overstepped its bounds. Defy the murderous intentions of Democrats.

Don’t settle for this good, the protection of born babies. Do this good. Ensure no doctor kills a born baby without the sword of the state coming upon his neck. Publicly shame all Democrats who refuse to stand with you against Northam. But don’t settle. Protect all babies. For God’s sake.

Please, brother. Be strong and courageous and do what is right.

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