The Deputy First Minister is Gay

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scottish gov gays

This is a fabulous tweet. I mean fabulous like this:


Like I said, faaaabulous.

Scotland is gay. Swinney is gay. The schools are gay. Now, on one hand, this tweet doesn’t say much. The schools have been gay a long time. Last year, Dundee schools celebrated Purple Day. I’m not sure if they’re having trannies read to kids in school libraries yet, but the tranny bathroom bonanza has already kicked off, and, official or not, kids have been indoctrinated to affirm and promote the LGBTQI+ agenda.

On the other hand, this tweet, from the official Scottish Government account says aplenty. It makes clear the state of Government Education. It is evil. It is vile. It has AIDS. This isn’t something to preserve, or fight for, or “redeem”. Government Education is something to burn down.

Like Mencken said, burn the schools, hang the politicians and teachers.

If you’re a parent in Scotland, if you’re a parent in the West, get your children out of the government schools. Do it yesterday.

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