The Fatherhood of God, Authority, Masks, and Lockdowns

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Authority is good, instituted by God, inescapable in a world made by a Supreme Authority. Anarchy is, therefore, bad. Likewise, order is good. Chaos is bad.

The relationship we are made to have with authority is obedience and submission. That is true without exception.

How can I say that and advocate strictly limited government? I can say we are to relate to authority with submission and without exception because all authority possessed by men is derivative. Like Domingo Ayala, it’s God-given. Authority among men, therefore, is only possessed, it’s only legitimate, where God has given it. Beyond that, it is not. Beyond the bounds and purposes established by God, though this or that may be called an exercise of authority, though this or that may be done by a man in a legitimate, God-established office, authority is delegitimized and to be unrecognized. You can only have authority if God has given it. If God has not given it to you, or not given it there, you don’t have it and should not expect others to act like you do.

Fathers are to be obeyed. Honor your father and mother is the first commandment with a promise, is it not? When a father tells his son to mow the grass, split some wood, change the oil, the son is to obey, and do so cheerfully. But if, years later, he were to give his son commands as to when he can and cannot copulate with his new wife, the son should disregard his father and just have sex all the time. That is not a case of the son refusing to submit to authority, for the father had none there.

Red-blooded Americans who defy lockdowns, mask orders, and Thanksgiving cancellations are not scofflaws or unsubmissive rebels. They are rightfully not pretending that the civil authorities have authority in those areas. They are saying no to illegitimate claims to authority. God has not given it to the civil authorities to quarantine the healthy. God has not given it to the civil authorities to dictate clothing choices, masks or otherwise, beyond requiring non-nakedness in public.

Out of respect for God and his truly given authority, it is the duty of men to push back against petty governors, mayors, and city councils in these matters as much as possible. To grant to men the idea of the boundless, legitimate exercise of authority is to deny the derivative nature of it and therefore to deny the Creator-creature distinction. In the name of submissiveness, it’s a rejection of God’s Fatherhood, a rejection of his authority over all men.

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