The Insider Movement at Home

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The Insider Movement was begun by “Christian missionaries” in the Muslim world frustrated by their apparent fruitlessness. They devised a way to manipulate the results of their labors, by having “Christian converts” continue to act like Muslims. This way, the strife and tensions necessarily brought about by true Christian conversion, and the beliefs and life that are resultantly externalized, are avoided. Christianity without the cross. The crown without thorns.

That this is devastatingly problematic is obvious to Christ’s sheep. They know that to instruct a “Christian” to act like something else is to instruct him to live a life ashamed of King Jesus. And they know that King Jesus will be eternally ashamed of all those who in this life are ashamed of him. This means that he will not welcome them into his courts with gladness, but will cast them into the torments of outer darkness.

Sadly, the Insider Movement does not limit its damning maneuvers to the Muslim world, insidiously working wherever the hearts of men cherish comfort and peace over fidelity to Christ, where men love this world and the things of it too much, and love not enough Christ and his good precepts.

Do you have any non-Christian family members? In the increasingly secularized West, it is not uncommon for Christians to have close family members who identify as atheists. By close family member, I mean that you love and cherish him, you want his good and his lasting friendship. By atheist, I mean that he is intentionally suppressing the truth about God in unrighteousness; and unless he repents and believes the gospel, he will go to hell forever, never again to laugh with you, eat with you, or talk late into the night.

How have you decided to act when you are around him? How have you been encouraged by others to act when you are around him? To speak plainly, and so adorn the truth, if you have decided to speak and act whenever you are around non-Christian family members in a way that could never smell either like life or death, then you have decided to live like your very atheist family members. If Christ’s Lordship is not plain on your tongue and your hands and feet, then you are playacting that he is not Lord. You are committing the same kind of error as the practitioners of the Insider Movement.

Do not be ashamed of Christ. When you come before him on that swift approaching day, “showing unbelievers his love”, wanting them to be comfortable and at ease, wanting to avoid potential final disruptions in familial relations, etc., will not serve as sufficient justification for living ashamed of the King. Your beloved family members, hearing not the good news of salvation from you, will have had their ears spared of that which brings faith, faith necessary for eternal life. You will have lived a life unworthy of the gospel.

“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14:26

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