There is Glory to be Had

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Cuthbert was the youngest of the Lionheart’s knights, serving under the Earl of Evesham, Sir Walter. Though heavy laden with valor, Cuthbert fell in battle against the saracens. When he recovered from the club-wrought blackness, he was a prisoner of war. After some days, Emir Saladin himself rode into the camp. Saladin was in no mood for mercy, and after brief, stern words, he ordered the beheading of all ten of the captured crusaders. This order had one qualification. Any crusader who renounced Christ and pledged allegiance to Mohammed and his demon god, Allah, would be welcomed as a soldier in service to Saladin. Cuthbert was nigh seventeen; and he had a decision before him. Bow and live. Fight and die.

Young man, God intends you to be a knight and crusader in this world. While it is unlikely that the edge of the sword will coldly call forth Cuthbert’s crisis in your life, you will be faced with the same decision as Cuthbert. Instead of Saladin, Venus will come to you. Instead of once, Venus will come daily. Instead of stern words of death, she will sparkle and her voice will softly caress the air. Bow and live in the lustful embrace of her bosom. Fight and die a thousand deaths to the flesh. One is the way of ease and shame upon shame. The other is the way of suffering and glory upon glory.

Bow not to Allah or Venus. Fight, and die, as a knight under Christ’s banner. There is glory to be had.

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