They Can Kiss a Monkey’s Bum Hole

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I’m reading a book I’m not supposed to read. It’s a dirty book, getting questions and stares when seen in public. White Man, Think Again! by A. Jacob was recommended by Scott Tungay as part of a course of study on tribe and in-group preference.

What makes it a dirty book? It’s a white supremacist book. You read that right. I’m reading a white supremacist book. Egads! That’s not allowed. Just reading it makes me evil, right?

We so want to be good guys, to be liked, to think ourselves virtuous, seen by others, even our enemies, as virtuous. So we’ll do anything, even bend over forwards, to avoid being seen as white supremacists, or anything of the kind. If a book even smells like it prefers the anglosphere over all else, not only do we avoid it, we move through life ignorant of its existence. That’s how damn virtuous we really are.

But let’s rethink this.

There are different groups in our society. Borrowing labels from Tungay, there are the clowns. These are the folks with power and influence who make and disseminate puss poison. There are normies, those who just go along to get along. “Sure, I’ll wear a mask. Sure, I’ll get the shot. I don’t want to get fired or something. The CDC, FDA, etc. are trustworthy experts. Fauci probably means well.” Then there’s the opposition. That’s us. I’m not sure exactly how to label this group, but, for now, the opposition will do. Now, the opposition is not one, solid group. It’s basically two groups. We’ll say the controlled opposition and the true opposition, the kings.

Who is the controlled opposition? Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Michael Knowles, etc. These guys will often say really good things, which is why folks drawn to the opposition are drawn to them. You can listen to these guys, repeat their talking points. “I’m for choice, medical freedom. I’m not anti-vaks.” Some hyper wound up folks will call you mean things, but, for the most part, you can exist in this world without being tarred and feathered. Is that because, at the end of the day, they aren’t a threat to the globalists, the corporatists, the lizards?

Who is the true opposition? How do you identify them? These are the thinkers, the talkers, the writers, the doers who are anathema, in and out of the church. They and those who dare listen to them likely carry all labels you know Christians ought not be associated with. Predators and protectors of predators, racists and white supremacists, fascists and nationalists and nazzzis, etc.

By labeling this group as such, clowns want to keep its members from view. You won’t listen, look, read, because it’s evil. It’s haram. Why? Could it be because the criticism emerging from this group is actually prescient, actually useful? Could it be that the constructive tribalism promoted from this group is a real, practical threat to Bill Gates and his globalist, pedo baby eating friends?

I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I’m only a couple chapters into a book that for all I know could be trash. That said, just a couple chapters in, I’ve read the best criticism of the United Nations I’ve ever read…from a book of which I’m not supposed to have ever heard.

What’s the point? Our enemies are against integration. They like whites who are against integration, as long as it’s because of white hatred. But if you dare have spatial in group preference out of love for your own tribe? You are the scum of the earth.

Why should you care what they think of you? Why not just invite them to kiss a monkey’s bum hole?

Go be a free thinker. Find those naughty books and read them. Love your people and place. Do your thing.

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