To Leave or Not to Leave?

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Imagine something with me.

You are a citizen of a sovereign republic. Geographically your homeland is situated with a number of other such republics. Over time, many begin to desire partnership between these entities in order to better defend from destructive and nefarious outside invaders. As a very sensible idea, all of the republics in the region formalize a partnership, creating a governmental body to carry out their will. For years, things go well. But all too soon, things take a dastardly turn. Certain people in the government, the one created to facilitate the partnership of these republics, decide that it is best if they start using their power to promote genocide, and a particularly heinous form of genocide at that. In fact, they decide to go beyond the bounds of their power and force with threat of violence each partnering republic to allow individuals to go into communities, hunt down the smallest members of those communities, take them into dark corners, and dismember them, one small body part at a time. None of this, outside the actual killing, is done privately. This agenda is loud, public, and proud. Everyone knows what is going on.

Now, the sovereign republic of which you are a citizen is home to a particularly God-fearing people. This genocide of small people existing anywhere is an affront to them, enough to arouse murmurings of war. But to be forced to themselves participate in the slaughter simply will not do. Your people send ambassadors both to other partnering republics and to the government they created to facilitate that partnership. To their dismay, the ambassadors are rebuffed at every turn and come home with hands only holding indications that the genocide will rage on and forcibly be expanded even within their own borders.

And so, not because you ever wanted to but because it has been foisted upon you, your republic is forced to answer an important question. Does honor, goodness, righteousness, and reason force it to leave a partnership, begun in defense from the aggressive wicked,  that has devolved into a totalitarian bloodbath? Ought it stay, hope for better times ahead, all the while participating in a genocide? Or, with sadness in the hearts of the people, and eyes lifted toward their Creator, ought it leave?


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