Top 5 Lists: Theologians and Preachers

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List edited on August 29, 2018 after hearing convincing arguments

What do Christian nerds talk about while driving to a Rangers Europa League game? Who the top 5 theologians and preachers in history have been, obviously (barring any men written about in the Bible).

These are the lists we came up with in the car, not in a particular order.

Top 5 Theologians:

  1. John Calvin
  2. Martin Luther
  3. Augustine
  4. John Owen
  5. Jonathan Edwards

Top 5 Preachers:

  1. John Calvin
  2. Charles Spurgeon
  3. J.C. Ryle
  4. John Bunyan
  5. George Whitefield

Agree? Disagree? Am I missing any obvious selections?

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