Transgenderism in the Church?

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You don’t need to be sage to see that problems abound in these united States. The West is crumbling.

Babies are murdered here, there, and everywhere. Trannies are in the octagon, on the track, and in beauty pageants. A sodomite is “married” to his catamite and is running for the office of President. Thieves are celebrated as heroes of the people. The bullshit and wickedness is thick. The momentum towards destruction can seem so weighty as to cause those paying attention to despair of hope.

Despair is never to be the Christian’s response. The Christian, instead, is to be ever hopeful, knowing that Christian hopefulness is never put to shame, for it is established on the promises of God. The West has crumbled, but it shall be rebuilt, and with surpassing glory. God is defied from shore to shore. But his glory will fill the whole earth as the water covers the sea. Christ has bound the strong man and reigns even now, his session a reign of conquest.

Do not despair. Hope. Rejoice. Eat brisket and drink a stout. Victory is inevitable. Christ has secured it and is, even now, bringing it about as the greatest progressive in all of history.

Do not despair. And do not be passive. Don’t sit back and watch the battles of the church militant fought and won without your bloody participation. And what is your participation, and that of your church, to look like?

Holiness. Trust and obey King Jesus, in all of life. Trust his gospel and obey his law. Know that, in Christ, you are forgiven. And so tolerate not sin in your own life or in your church. A holy Christian, a holy congregation, knows the savor of conquest.

When churches in our land are holy, our land will be built up in holiness. In other words, when churches are truly salty, and not just pinched and flaky, the land will get salted.

Why should we expect pagans to conform to God’s holy requirements when we, those united to Christ himself, don’t do so? Why should we be alarmed when a man acts like a woman in order to decimate them at cycling, or the Miss Universe pageant, or high school wrestling, or track and field, why should we be alarmed when a woman acts like a man in order to look more miserable while serving you Starbucks coffee, why should we be alarmed when drags read to children in public libraries, when drag queenery and transgenderism abounds in our churches? How many congregations and fathers stand by supportively as Christian women play the man in police and fire departments and the military? If women soldiering and policing and teaching men and filling the diaconate is not transgendered, taking on the gender identity that does not correspond to your biological sex, what is it?

Why should we be alarmed when women love to pay doctors to murder their children under the protection of legislators and law enforcement, when Christians throughout the land love barrenness? How many congregations stand by approvingly as Christians render their marriage beds barren for years, considering children inconvenient, not a surpassing blessing, at best second fiddle to personal happiness, comfort, and economic success? How many pastors avoid preaching hard against abortion because their own tithe paying congregants are getting abortions?

Why should we be alarmed by politicians getting rich off fleecing the populace, when still, to this day, so many Christians happily send their children to schools funded by the grand larceny of property taxes?

Marriage is defiled culturally? Is there peace with fornication, pornography, and masturbation in the church?

Holiness tackles rot among a people like a Clorox wet wipe kills germs on the palm. If the church in the West turns from sin and to holiness, to trusting and obeying Christ as Lord of all, to eating and drinking and building and fighting and love making and child rearing and good ol’ gospel preaching, all unto Christ and in conformity to his will, the West will not be able to finish its ruinous course.

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