When The Law is Useless

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The nearest Planned Parenthood to the newly covenanted Stone Mountain Baptist Church is in Meridian, Idaho. It was built deceptively. Planned Parenthood bought the property under a different company name so that the sale went through. Even then, though, the local government did nothing to stop the construction, for the local government fears the feds more than the wrath of God.

Very soon, the pastor of Stone Mountain Baptist, Sean Kinnally, and members of the church will be going to that Planned Parenthood location to preach the gospel in protest against its weekly murder of babies. Having just moved from San Diego, they anticipated great liberty in public preaching in Meridian. They’d just preached at beaches, on campuses, and at Planned Parenthoods for years in one of the most regulated States in the union. And they did this with hardly any interference from the San Diego Police Department. In fact, after a couple weeks in a row when weapons were used to threaten the preachers, SD Police started regularly posting sentries nearby to protect free preaching in public. So, moving from a more leftist State to a more conservative State, it was just assumed that there would be no issues whatsoever.

They were disabused of that assumption within the first week. Two members spoke with an abolitionist at a Boise pro-life rally. He let them know that multiple preachers had even recently been cited for “disturbing the peace”. Looking up Meridian’s noise ordinance, they learned that Meridian considers it disturbing the peace to use any amplification device to preach so as to be heard 50 ft. away. In case you think 50 ft. is far, go stand 50 ft. from a buddy and talk at a normal voice. Assuming there isn’t a bunch of ambient noise, every word will be heard.

The ordinance is absurd in its ambiguities. It’s absurd in how blatantly unconstitutional it is. It’s absurd in talking about disturbing the peace in a city that lets babies get peacefully chopped up.

But, ultimately, Stone Mountain Baptist Church views the ordinance as illegitimate, and to be disregarded, because it effectively outlaws the public preaching of the gospel at the abortion mill. There are many magistrates in Meridian. And Christ is the chief. He is Lord in Meridian. No law can subvert what he requires of his saints in Meridian. And he requires his gospel to be preached at Planned Parenthood.

That is what Stone Mountain Baptist Church insists on doing.

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