When You Have a Fake Jesus

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When you have a fake Jesus, a fake God, and a fake Christianity, you will have fake worship.

This is precisely the problem with the following quote from Martin Luther King Jr.

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King writes of worship at its best, worship at the apex, worship that has found its telos. What does he say? He says the same thing that Victoria Osteen says. Worship is all about man. It’s not about God. It’s a social experience. It’s about us being diverse and together under God.

So that you don’t miss it, the following sentence is an assertion of the exact opposite: Worship is most certainly not about us. Worship is all about God. We give him all the attention, all the praise, all the fear and respect he is due.

What’s the source of King’s idolatrous confusion? His idolatry. He didn’t have a real God. He served a figment of his proud imagination. He rejected the plain witness of Scripture and denied that Jesus was and is true God and true Man. He denied penal substitutionary atonement. He denied the Trinity. He denied the virgin birth. He denied the physical resurrection and the second coming. He was as far from knowing the One True and Living God as any Muslim on the planet is.

And because he refused to worship the true God, all he was left with as the highest of beings was man. And so his doctrine of worship, reflected in this quote, is about man, with mere lip service given to God.

It is only the Christian, with a real Savior and King, a real God, and a true religion, that can understand and do true worship.

Now, the world has seen many a huckster. Martin Luther King Jr. has much company with his fellow false teachers in Hades. And hucksters say hucksterish things. So this quote isn’t a big surprise. “A false teacher said something stupid about worship? Shocking.”

The shocking thing about the quote is where I found it.

It’s at the beginning of a “worship music video” published by The Village Church, where Matt Chandler pastors. Chandler is the current president of Acts29 and a regular speaker at Together for the Gospel.

A major evangelical leader is promoting man-centered worship. Why? Because the best way to atone for the sin of whiteness is quoting Martin Luther King Jr., unless it’s the quote about just looking at folks’ character. While you’re at the whole white-guilt, self-atonement project, it can’t hurt to add in lyrics about microaggressions in your new worship music, right?

This isn’t just annoying. It is dangerous. As goes a leader, so goes a group. When this kind of compassionate, enlightened idolatry and stupidity is promoted by a guy like Chandler, it should be expected that the same idolatry and stupidity will be parroted in other churches in his circles.

Santa Slaps a Heretic 8

Proposal: No more quoting heretics in our worship songs, unless it is setting up a Santa Claus punch.

Proposal: No more making worship about us.

Proposal: No more crying like a pansy over microaggressions and just get on with life.

Proposal: Let’s just stick with a classic like the Trinity Hymnal and avoid the social justice fads of the day in our singing.

Proposal: Let’s all re-get that grip on sanity.

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